Saltwater Fishing Destinations

World’s Premier Fishing Destinations

Part of the fishing experience is your natural surroundings when on the water. For example, when you fish for tarpon at night in the waters of Miami, Florida, cars and trucks honk their horns overhead as you soak jumbo live shrimp in the shadow lines of a bridge. But if you head south of Miami about 45 miles, you fish for the same species, tarpon, surrounded by lush green mangrove forests of the Everglades. Many anglers prefer to head to the Everglades rather than fish the city because of the national park’s natural beauty.

Whatever type of angler you are, Salt Water Sportsman has you covered. We highlight all the fishing hot spots, whether they’re within city limits, along the Intracoastal Waterway, far off the coast, or in some hard-to-reach mangrove jungle.


Saltwater Fishing Trips

The amount of game fish and fishing styles available to saltwater anglers is nothing short of spectacular. Whether it’s trolling offshore, fishing wrecks and structure, drift-fishing inlets and bays, or sight-fishing the flats, the list of different fishing techniques is extensive. At Salt Water Sportsman, we’ve picked the brains of the best anglers and captains for decades, uncovering tips and techniques crucial to successful fishing trips.


Game Fish Around the World

Some people are happy to go on a vacation and catch any old big fish. But we know better. We know that vacations should be used to target species you don’t have in your backyard. Whether it’s tuna, billfish, mackerel, snapper, bonefish, tarpon, or permit, Salt Water Sportsman covers all the most popular game fish species.

Fish Calendar

Fishing action doesn’t stop in the winter months, but you may have to travel far from your home waters to find cooperative fish. Each month of the year offers new opportunities for anglers to target different species, across the globe. Salt Water Sportsman details the hot spots in its fishing calendar each month. With our help, now is the time to book that trip and explore a new-to-you fishery.