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World's Premier Fishing Destinations

  • World-class offshore fishing and amenities

    Once a farming village with one dock, this Costa Rican town now boasts world-class charter operations, fishing tournaments and real estate. The reason is out there in…
  • Planning Boat Trips

    Fishing away from your home waters

    Planning and traveling to fish away for home…

Traveling Fisherman: Where to Fish Each Month

  • Winter is coming, and as the seasons change so do the places to find your favorite saltwater species

    Fish for your favorite saltwater species this November and December by heading to one of these two places.
  • Atlantic blue marlin

    Find where your favorite species is hiding as fall comes into full swing in North America, the Caribbean, Mexico and more

    Find where your favorite species is hiding as fall comes into full swing in North America, the Caribbean, Mexico and more…
  • Where to go around the world for the best fishing in August and September

    Worldwide survey of hottest fishing destinations…

Salt Water Sportsman on the Water

North America/Mexico

  • Fishing the Remote Flats of Mexico

    Seldom-fished Scorpion Atoll off the Yucatan Peninsula

    Seldom-fished Scorpion Atoll off the Yucatan Peninsula…
  • Tarpon Fishing in Mexico

    Discover the baby tarpon of the Yucatan Peninsula

    Destination Yucatan, Mexico for tarpon fishing…
  • Where and How to Catch Tarpon in Florida

    Tarpon Primer: Where and how to catch tarpon during the spring and summer migration along both Florida coasts…


  • Six strategies to up your wahoo trolling game and score big anywhere

    Pro tips for wahoo fishing…
  • In a nation renowned for its bonefish—look at a Bahamian dime: there’s a pair of bonefish on the—Andros Island stands out. The largest island in the Bahamas, Andros…
  • Bahamas Flats Regs Update

    No license required until further notice

    Restrictions abandoned for visiting anglers…
  • Alex Suescun with bonefish from the Abaco Marls, Bahamas

    Despite chilly and windy weather, bonefish cooperate in the Abaco Marls.

    A bonefishing trip to Abaco Loge, Bahamas, in the winter yields some nice catches in the Marls and great chances to field test the latest YETI products.

Central/South America

  • Pacific sailfish are a staple of Central America's big game fishing

    If billfishing is your passion, then add these big-game hot spots to your bucket list

    Whether you are addicted to billfish, or like chasing records, the incredible action at these 12 premier big-game fishing destinations is not to be missed.
  • Tarpon are considered one of the world's most challenging game fish.

    Power, speed and acrobatic prowess make these species sought-after inshore targets.

    Power, speed and acrobatic prowess make these popular game fish species sought-after inshore targets.
  • Sailfish are among the world's toughest fighting offshore species.

    The fighting ability of these species has earned the admiration of anglers everywhere.

    These top 10 offshore game fish are famous for their great fighting ability. See how big they get, where they live, and what it takes to catch them.