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  • With Chilled Horseradish Broth

    Whip up this refreshing dish in a few steps.
  • permit fishing off Florida

    This lightly fished area in the Florida Keys offers anglers Atlantic and Gulf reef and wreck action

    Mention Cudjoe as a Keys destination and it just may stump folks. That’s just fine for those who frequent this quiet locale between Big Pine and Key West.
  • Florida redfish falls for stealthy tactics

    Expert tips to become a better inshore angler

    How to eliminate unproductive water, predict fish movements, and other expert tips for shallow-water fishing success.

Fishing Boats

  • boat running on the water

    LED lights increase safety and offer other enhancements

    LED technology changed the way our fishing boats are illuminated.
  • These fishing machines might not be "new," but they remain hot commodities

    These fishing machines might not be "new," but they remain hot commodities.
  • These new fishing boats were making their debut at this year's Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

    If you love looking at fishing boats, especially new ones, you'll want to see our gallery from Fort Lauderdale.
  • Chase big game and cruise in comfort without compromising.

    The new 32-foot center console boasts clean, inviting looks and performance worthy of a top-notch offshore model.

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