Saltwater Fly-Fishing

For advice on saltwater fly-fishing tackle, the best flies for a particular species, or the art of throwing a fly rod, our team of experts offers fly-fishing tips and techniques gleaned from years of experience. If you’re outfitting a flats boat or need some extra guidance on landing that next tarpon, redfish, sailfish, or striped bass, we’ve got tips for that too.

Fly-Fishing Boats

In salt water, specialized fly-fishing tackle and techniques enable anglers to target fish inshore, nearshore, and offshore. Suitable boats, therefore, span the gamut, from poling skiffs and flats boats to bay boats, and seaworthy center consoles. But whether designed to pole quietly in skinny-water, or safely venture out to the deep blue, they all have certain attributes in common: stability, plenty of casting room, uncluttered decks and/or cockpit, and storage for rods and other gear. Here are some of the top models fly-rodders count on to connect with their favorite game.