Fishing Gear

Fishing can be as simple or complex as the game fish you’re targeting. Not surprisingly, some fish species require significantly more gear than others. For example, catching redfish off a dock requires less gear than targeting yellowfin tuna on a center console boat. In the United States alone, fishing generates billions in sales each year. Salt Water Sportsman helps you cut through the clutter by highlighting the newest quality fishing gear, including marine electronics, saltwater fishing tackle, apparel and fishing accessories.


George Poveromo leads a discussion on how to locate and catch trophy class dolphin! Faculty team: George Poveromo, Harry Vernon III, Ryan Wenzel, Bouncer Smith


Saltwater Fishing Tackle

Fishing tackle includes all the rods, reels, line, leader and terminal tackle an angler uses when fishing. Salt Water Sportsman guides you through all the gear available today. There’s so much fishing tackle to pick from that it’s impossible to cover everything, but popular, high-quality equipment from all the biggest manufacturers is highlighted below.

Marine Electronics

Not counting the boat hull and engines, marine electronics are the most expensive purchase for your fishing boat. Savvy anglers research products on the market when getting ready to update their multifunction display unit or VHF radio. In fact, check out Salt Water Sportsman’s electronics product reviews before buying any piece of boating electronics, whether its a camera monitoring system, transducer, portable GPS unit or other gadget. 


Fishing Apparel and Accessories

Anglers must have suitable clothes to wear on the water in order to be comfortable. The sun is no joke in the tropics, and the cold weather in the north is equally treacherous. Whether it’s sun, wind or water protection, the proper apparel is vital to have. Salt Water Sportsman keeps you up to date with the newest fishing apparel on the market. Fishing accessories such as knives, nets, gaffs, coolers, fighting belts, and fishing tools are also included in this section.