Saltwater Fishing Tackle


Baits and Lures

Picking the right bait or lure can make or break the fishing day. In fact, picking the right lure is one of the hardest parts of fishing for a beginner. And who can fault them? There are so many lures on the market, with the majority of them fish-catchers in the right conditions. It’s up to the angler to understand their fishing conditions to pick the proper lure. To a similar extent, picking the best natural dead or live bait will also dramatically affect the fishing day. Let Salt Water Sportsman teach you the best lure and natural bait techniques to catch more fish.


Rods and Reels

Smooth reels with strong drags make fishing a blast. Pair a quality reel with the right rod, and an angler feels like they can tackle any game fish. Still, picking the best rod and reel for the job is important. Don’t take a knife to a gun fight, but also don’t use a driver when you need a 9 iron: being under-gunned or over-powering both have negative effects. Salt Water Sportsman helps you pick the right rod and reel in today’s sea of options, as well as how to best use and maintain your gear.

Lines and Leaders

Fishing lines and leaders are important. If either one snaps, you are almost guaranteed to lose your fish during the fight. Picking the right line can shorten the fight time and lower the odds of losing your prized catch. Leaders are often tied by the angler, whether the leader material is monofilament, fluorocarbon, or wire. Salt Water Sportsman details everything you need to know about main lines and leaders.


Terminal Tackle

Terminal tackle is named appropriately because it covers everything at the end of your line. We’re talking about gear such as hooks, floats, swivels and sinkers. Salt Water Sportsman’s terminal tackle tips will help you tie better rigs at the business end of your line, as well as offer new techniques that give you the edge.

Fishing Accessories

Nets, gaffs, tackle boxes, scales and other gear that’s not fishing tackle fall into the fishing accessories category. For example, how to use a landing net or push pole fit into this category. New gear guides covering fishing accessories are also available in this section. Start exploring Salt Water Sportsman’s fishing accessories coverage today.