Saltwater Fishing Tips

Expert saltwater fishing tips and advice on fishing rigs, fishing knots, fish species and more from Salt Water Sportsman.

The number of species and fishing styles available to saltwater anglers is nothing short of spectacular. Fishing experts, such as charter captains and tournament anglers, often excel at one particular style of saltwater fishing. Whether it’s trolling offshore, fishing wrecks and structure, live-bating inshore inlets and bays, or fan-casting the flats, the list of different fishing techniques is extensive.

At Salt Water Sportsman, we’ve picked the brains of the best anglers for decades, uncovering tips and techniques crucial to successful fishing trips. Answers to popular fishing questions related to baits, lures, fishing knots, boats, boat maintenance, fly-fishing, and even recipes, can all be found within the easy-to-navigate sections.


Inshore Fishing Tips

The Coastal United States, Caribbean and other tropical waters are blessed with diverse inshore species to target on light tackle and fly-fishing gear. From striped bass to bonefish, Salt Water Sportsman has you covered on inshore fishing. Below, exclusive gear guides, techniques and rigs are at your fingertips to help you target your favorite inshore game fish.

Offshore Fishing Tips

Fishing offshore can be a bit daunting for the uninitiated fishermen. The sheer amount of boating, fishing and rigging knowledge necessary to be successful is overwhelming at first. Salt Water Sportsman breaks down what you need to know to make your next offshore adventure a success.

Fly-Fishing Tips

Some anglers believe fly-fishing is the purest form of fishing. We don’t have an opinion on that, but we do know that fly-fishing is a downright deadly way to target fish, especially inshore species. Our experts cover fly-tying, casting and new techniques to help you target fish with the long rod.

Saltwater Game Fish

The diversity of saltwater game fish in the United States and across the globe is what makes the sport so popular. But you can’t use the same tactics to catch them all. What catches a permit in Belize will not catch a white marlin off Virgina. Thankfully, we give you a rundown on the most popular saltwater species, detailing where and how to catch them.


Fishing Knots

The topic of fishing knots is a sure conversation-starter among anglers. Everyone has their favorites. While learning how to tie fishing knots is certainly important, learning how to tie all of them is impractical. Certain knots are popular for good reason. A good knot is first of all strong and dependable, lends itself to the job it’s supposed to do, and can be tied quickly and efficiently on the water.

Beyond that, a basic collection of serviceable knots need not be expansive. Most anglers have just a few they rely on, and a specialty knot or two, and have practiced enough to make them reliable. That’s the key to fishing knots: finding which knots work best for you and the type of fishing you do, then perfecting them so you can tie them without thinking about it.

Boating Tips and Maintenance

Once you’ve experienced fishing from a boat, you’ll never go back to those crowded shorelines and piers. Boating gives you the freedom and range to target nearly any fish out there. But boating comes with a price. Our boating techniques, new boat reviews and maintenance tips will help you navigate your way toward headache-free boat ownership.

Recipes for Fish

Getting tired of frying every fish you catch? Yes, fried fish is delicious, but there are so many other ways to prepare fish. Grilling or baking fish is much more healthy for your heart, and can be equally delicious. Smoking an oily fish such as a king mackerel is delicious as a dip and will draw compliments  at your next party. Try out some of our recipes on your favorite fish to eat.