January’s Sportsman’s Workbench

Straight from the readers — a how-to of fishing ideas and inventions

January 13, 2014
Fishing Invention - Net Noodle

Net Noodle

“After losing two landing nets overboard, I came up with this idea using a swimming-pool noodle. Cut approximately 1 foot from the noodle, thread it over the net handle, and then secure it with wraps of cord on either side. The system is completely reversible, and in the event that a net is ­accidentally dropped overboard, the brightly colored noodle allows it to remain flat and makes it easy to see. The net also still fits in any rod holder.” Kenny Wilhalme Oceanport, New Jersey Illustration by Marcus Parker/ Marcus Parker/
Homemade Holder - Fishing Inventions

Homemade Holder

While fishing on party boats, I’ve been yelled at for -grabbing the cut baits and leaving them on the rail. To have your baits handy without going back and forth, cut an empty water bottle in half and melt a small hole near the top with a heated wire. Be sure to melt the hole; when made otherwise, it can rip apart. Attach clips to a length of cord, and hang the bottle from your belt or pocket to create a bait holder that works well for cut baits, squid and shrimp. _Han Myoung, __Torrance, California_ Illustration by Marcus Parker/ Illustration by Marcus Parker/
Silver Bullet - Fishing Invention

Silver Bullet

To make your own silver-bullet teaser, punch a hole in both the -bottom and the cap of a 16-ounce aluminum bottle. Insert a 3⁄16-inch pop rivet into the holes, and knock out the remaining rivet mandrels to form grommets. Cut 2-inch lengths of coated wire (between 120 and 150 pounds), and crimp on a snap swivel (size 6). Insert the wire through the bottom grommet and then through the cap. Screw the cap on the bottle, and crimp on a swivel (size 5). Daisy-chain the bottles together, adding as many as needed. The teaser may be trolled from either end. _Jack Rapp, __Tangerine, Florida_ Illustration by Marcus Parker/ Illustration by Marcus Parker/

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