How To Tie Mono Leader to Braid

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Braided line and nylon or fluorocarbon monofilament seldom play well together with conventional fishing knots designed for mono-to-mono connections. When tying mono to braid, as when making a leader for braided line, this simple, secure connection does the job.

Tying Mono to Braid

Follow these instructions for tying mono to braid:

1. Tie a loop in the braid using a surgeon's end loop, spider hitch or Bimini twist, and lay the leader alongside the loop.
2. Pinch the leader and the end of the loop and wrap the leader around the doubled braid eight times, then bring the tag back through the braid loop.
3. Pull on the braid until the knot tightens and seats. Clip off the tag end of the mono.

Tie Mono Leader to Braid
This secure connection is great for joining mono and braid.Steve Sanford

Don't allow using the wrong knot be the cause of losing another fish. Whether it's fishing knots for braided line or another material, it's important to understand what works best. Learn to tie mono to braid by watching the video. Is nylon mono or fluorocarbon the best leader material? Here are the pros and cons.