Fly Fishing Mexico--The Yucatan Peninsula

This is not your average fly-fishing travel guide--it's a work of art.


Review by Mark Rumph

Fly Fishing Patagonia, SRL, 2004
140 pp.; hardcover; $60

The first time you pick it up, Fly Fishing Mexico - The Yucatán Peninsula will have you checking airfare to the Yucatán. Written in both English and Spanish, this book combines background information with personal experience and travel tips - all placed in a coffee-table-sized package filled with outstanding artwork and photography. Colorful descriptions of the major fishing areas and lodges are included, along with stories about trips to each destination. Additionally, lists of where to stay, when to go and what to bring are given for each area.
But this is not your average fly-fishing travel guide - it's a work of art. You won't want to pack it in your luggage when you go, but you'll open it every day until the plane leaves.