How to Select Your Next Travel Fishing Rod Hard Case

Rod tubes protect fishing rods from rough travel.

November 20, 2019

Bringing your own tackle is absolutely necessary at remote fishing destinations, where locally anglers don’t have access to quality fishing gear. Unfortunately, many anglers who travel abroad have had their fishing rods broken while in transit. It’s a hard lesson to learn, arriving at your destination, finding your gear manhandled.

No doubt, airlines are tough on baggage. They expect the passenger to take extra precautions to protect their own gear. Thankfully, hard-shell rod tubes for fishing rods are easily available for anglers to buy from different manufacturers. The hard case is the top option for anglers travelling via airplane, as it best protects against broken tips, guides and butts better than soft-sided bags.

Pack your rod tubes with clothing and other soft material to prevent the rods from banging against each other. Use packing peanuts, use bubble wrap, or even your clean underwear. Just pack it tight enough so that your rods are not able to move around when your rod tube is rocking and rolling in the belly of an aircraft.


All Around Options

Flambeau Outdoor Bazuka Pro Rod Tube
This hard case rod tube measures up to 87 inches in length. Flambeau Tackle

Flambeau’s contoured, blow-molded Bazuka rod tube is tough, built to stop the bends, crushes or breaks that destroy rods in a soft-sided bag. With a 3-inch diameter, and measuring anywhere from 63 to a telescoped 87 inches, the one-piece rod tube handles up to six 6-foot, 6-inch rods. The tube is padded at both ends to protect rod tips and rod butts. Airports can’t reject this type of luggage, as it meets all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) air travel requirements. The rod tube is lockable for extra security, and comes with a durable handle for easy handling.

Telescope for Success

Plano Airliner Telescoping Rod Case
This rod tube measures 47 to 88 inches in length. Plano

Plano’s 4.5-inch diameter Guide Series Airliner Telescoping Rod Tube features a three-tier design that collapses as small as 47 inches long or extends as long as 88 inches. At 44 inches, easily store it in a closet when not in use. Its smallest setting is still large enough for 3-piece spinning rods or 4-piece fly rods. At 88 inches, the rod tube handles up to eight 7-foot rods. A

convenient carry handle allows the rod tube be lugged around an airport easily. You won’t find many rod tubes that can handle more fishing rods than this one.


A Different Approach

Valterra Black 50"-94"
This tube wasn’t originally intended for fishing rods, but it handles them extremely well during travel. Valterra

Sometimes a hard case built for a completely separate purpose is the perfect option for a rod case. The Valterra Black carrier’s intended purpose is for a hose, but measuring 50 up to 94 inches, and with a diameter of almost 5 inches, it’s a perfect option for fishing rods. The tube is easily adjustable, has hinged door caps with twist latch closures, and even spot for a padlock. What’s unique about this case is that it comes with a mounting bracket and screws to install to a roof rack with a little ingenuity. That keeps the rods out of the truck cabin and safely stored on the roof.


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