Accessories for Trolling Motor Protection

Help your trolling motor last longer

The latest generation of saltwater trolling motors are made to endure abuse. From sealed electronic boards to corrosion-resistant finishes and hardware, they are designed for extended service. Sea conditions aren’t always ideal, however, so no matter how durable the shafts and the head units are, both remain subject to vibration and pounding from the waves. Fortunately, there are several accessories available that minimize the bounce and protect the motor components while underway.

Minn Kota Stabilizer KitSWS File

Minn Kota offers the MKA-55 Stabilizer Kit with several durable features. The Stabilizer rod can be cut to fit. The low profile base can be removed from the deck easily and the pivoting arm folds down when not in use. This kit is compatible with the Ulterra, Terrorova and PowerDrive motors. $64.99;

Motor Guide RAM Mount StabilizerSWS File

Available in standard and long models, Motor Guide's solution to reducing vibration uses a rugged RAM Mount system to lock the shaft into place to keep it from bouncing in rough water. The base makes a small footprint on the deck and the stabilizer can be lowered by loosening the tension spring knob. $67.99;

StabilizerSWS File

Designed by an avid angler with a background in industrial plastics, this simple yet durable accessory is custom made to order to fit any motor or application. The beefy cylinder is partially split to slip over the shaft for precise positioning using stainless steel hardware. The proprietary formula of the plastic resists the harmful effects of salt water, UV light and will last for years. Starting at $80, plus shipping. (251) 714-5022. Trolling Motor LegSWS File

Custom built to order, the Trolling Motor Support Leg is made from durable polyethylene in either white or black finishes. The simple movable leg design folds against the shaft when the motor is deployed. Stainless steel hardware ensures a snug fit. $50 with free shipping in the US.