Best Lures to Catch Flounder

See our list of the best flounder lures and baits.


April 4, 2019
best flounder lures
These lures are great options to use when targeting flounder.

Fishing for flounder is a lot easier after you’ve figured out some of the best lures and baits to catch them. We’ve spent years polling experts and learning how to catch the species ourselves, and these are by far the best flounder lures to add to your tackle box. This is not a complete list, so if you have a lure that really catches flounder, send us an email and tell us about it.

Soft Plastic Grub or Paddletail Jigs

Paddletail jig
Rig with 1/4- to 3/8-ounce jig head and slowly hop the lure across the bottom around dock pilings, jetties and oyster bars. Three-inch size in White Firetail or CAL Paddletail in Nite Glow/Fire Tail or Gold Glitter imitates small baitfish or shrimp. Courtesy

Bucktail Jigs

Bucktail jig
Similar shape and action as the grubs, the wavy motion of the deer hair is an added attraction. Slow-hops along the bottom, creating puffs. Hook Up Lures Inshore Premium Series in 1/4-ounce and 2/0 hook in chartreuse/white. Courtesy

Stick Baits

Stick baits
Meant to look like marine worms, the MirrOlure Little John Scented Twitchbaits in Tube Worm or Watermelon/Red Glitter should be allowed to sit for a moment before twitching to move the lure about six inches to trigger a strike. Courtesy

Shad Tails

Shad tails
A dead ringer for mud minnows or finger mullet, both flounder favorites, soft plastic shad tails like Matrix Shad or DOA CAL shad tails in Green Hornet or Stark Naked patterns bumped slowly along the bottom put plenty of flatfish in the box. Courtesy

Gulp! Shrimp

Gulp! Shrimp
These scented artificials are hard for flounder to turn down. Rigged with a jig just heavy enough to reach bottom, they are best worked “dead stick” or with little movement. Pearl, Natural Molting and New Penny colors are all effective. Carolina anglers swear by Nuclear Chicken during the fall months. Courtesy

DOA Shrimp

DOA Shrimp
Twitched slower than evolution through the strike zone, these realistic lookalikes in Near Clear, Root Beer/Gold Glitter or Holographic Clear are deadly on lurking flounder, especially in creek mouths, flats pot holes or beach troughs. Courtesy

Aqua Clear Flounder Rig

Aqua Clear Flounder
A variation of the Texas combo, these New Jersey creations are offered in various colors of small rubber squid or nylon skirts; some include a blade for added flash. Dredge across the bottom and hang on. Courtesy

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