How to Use the Carolina Rig for Saltwater

Try a Carolina rig in saltwater when fishing is slow.

kuhn blog rig

kuhn blog rig

A Carolina rig for saltwater is not a crazy idea. Any inshore species that hits soft baits is likely to attack the rig.

My topwater lure sloshed mindlessly until the waterlogged Spook muttered Uncle. Other “can’t miss” favorites followed with nary a nip. Seems I was staring a no-hitter directly in the snoot.

On occasions fish shut down, seemingly growing tired of popular lure offerings. No matter the reason, when a fish’s fancy turns finicky show them something a bit off the beaten path.

The Carolina Rig is a decades-old staple of freshwater bassing crowd. However, this versatile tactic offers inshore, bay, basin, and backwater species a unique look in soft plastics.

How to Make a Carolina Rig

To rig, slip a sliding weight onto your line followed by a few glass beads (no plastic beads allowed as they don’t chatter as crisply as glass). Tie a swivel onto the end of the line. Attach a short leader (typically about 14 inches of mono as it helps with float the bait) to the swivel. Finish it off with a light wire gauge hook.

Now here’s the secret: thread on a floating soft plastic lure. As the rig bumps along the bottom, the weight-and-bead combo stirs up silt and audibly attracts fish with its unique clicking. The floating bait suspends salaciously, presenting a tantalizing snack to otherwise lock-jawed fish.

Do you have any off-the-wall tactics that produce when the bite turns tough? A Carolina rig for saltwater is a great option.