How to Make a Spinning Reel Release Clip

Troll baits and drop back with a spinning reel

This simple and inexpensive gizmo enables you to troll a bait with the bail of the reel open for an instant drop-back when a fish strikes.

6-inch Velcro strap (with buckle for easy adjustments based on thickness of rod grip)
3 strands of copper rigging wire

Start by twisting all three strands of copper rigging wire into one.Steve Sanford
Fold wire over the Velcro strap, then twist legs together for rigidity.Steve Sanford
Fasten Velcro strap snugly around the rod foregrip, with copper wire pointing upward.Steve Sanford
Deploy bait, open reel bail, and bend twisted copper into a C around the line. The force of the strike will pop the line free.Steve Sanford