Nicaragua Bound

So what do you say when you get a text from a co-worker that says “wanna go fish for tarpon and snook in the jungle next week?” Hell yeah, of course! Well, at least that was my answer to an invite to Nicaragua. It may sound strange but I keep going between emotions of extreme excitement and extreme wanting to kick myself for agreeing to the trip.

Don’t get me wrong, overall, I know it was a good choice to say yes. But, trying to dot all my “i’s” and cross all my “t’s” in less then a week’s time is pretty stressful. Not to mention, I’ve never been to this place before. I don’t know what kind of flies to bring, lines, rods etc, etc. The obvious thing to do would be to call the guide/operator, right? Well, I did that — in fact, I did that several times. The problem is, my Spanish is quite weak. So, I think the best thing for me to do is to pack a little bit of everything. I think I can make a pretty educated guess on what to bring to most locals but I’ve thought that before only to find that when I get there and open the fly box, the guide sees the one fly that I only have one of and says “this is the one you need, do you have more?”

At any rate, my house looks like there was a massacre of black, chartreuse and purple chickens over the weekend but the good news is, I have a pretty good arsenal of what I would consider to be deadly Rio de San Jaun fly patterns. Or, at least I hope so.

Sometimes the best trips are those you are the least prepped for. We’ll see how it goes.