Keeping It Straight

Every time I open my the drawers to where I keep all my fly tying material, I'm reminded of how bad my organizational skills are in my every day life. For example, the other night, I sat down and tied about two dozen gotchas. It took me about twice as long to find the four or five materials that go into the fly than it took for me to tie all 24 flies!

That's not just the case for my tying materials alone. The closet where I keep all of my rods, reels, lines, backing etc, etc is maybe even worse! I was watching a tv show called Hoarders a while back and it was showed a lady greeting a camera just outside the front door of her house. She brought them in to what looked like a house that housed a pack of pissed off Tasmanian devils. You literally had to have climbing skills to walk through the place. That's exactly how my tackle closet and fly tying drawers are. The worst part about it is, both my tackle and tying materials have now overflowed into my office.

If any of you have received the Jan/Feb 12 issue yet and read the editorial page, you'll see that I wrote it about my resolution to fish more in the New Year. I've decided that I should add another resolution on. I gotta clean up my act! It really is a disaster - last night I took a picture of my "gear closet" to include with this blog - I'm sorry but it's too embarrassing to share!