Steamed Straw Shrimp

Plenty of letters, comments and article submissions come across my desk on a daily basis. This one gave me a good chuckle, however, so I figured I'd share with you.

In a letter with no phone number or email address, a gent from California named Gaston Chan sent a pair of rather interesting shrimp patterns (yes, as you can see in these pics I snapped, they're tied from a drinking straw). The witty Gaston writes:

"My friend Clifford is an avid, no, rabid, fisherman. He can be found at least 200 days a year on any body of water large enough to float his Boston Whaler. He is also very handy and makes his own lures. Well, here's one he made that I would like to submit to your readers for their approval. The straw from last night's pina colada can be put to good use...If you should try and make a mess like I did, I am confident that I can persuade friend Clifford to put together a few for your next outing to the flats. I dare say that production tying is definitely out of the question."

Maybe, Gaston, but I'm pretty impressed! And I think Clifford's nailed the "material's" coloration, too - a perfect mimic of the pinkish hue of a steamed shrimp boiling in a pot! Masterful!

I'll bet you could cast these babies with a 9-weight. But I'm not so sure the materials would flutter like feathers. All in all, however, VERY creative!

I have no idea whose original design this is, so don't ask. But Gaston directs us to this [webpage]( bag/How-to-Make-a-Shrimp-from-a-Drinking-Straw) for further instruction. Not sure if this was originally posted by the mysterious "Clifford," but hope you enjoy.

Gaston, drop me an email, I'd love to hear more. In the meantime, to one and all, enjoy your pina coladas - and happy tying,

Mike Mazur
FFSW Editor