Spring Line Docking

Use this trick to keep your boat secured and dock lines safe

August 2, 2019

Crossed spring lines are crucial for keeping the engine and stern off the seawall and the boat centered in the slip. Yet depending on tidal fluctuations, those same lines can catch engine cowlings or dip into the water and become slimy and fouled. Here’s a simple and inexpensive trick to remedy those problems

Keep dock lines clear for safety
Simple solution keeps dock lines clear. Dave Lear

1. From the marina or hardware store, purchase a stainless steel lag thread screw eye (5/16 x 4 inch), an EPDM rubber tie down bungee (3/4-inch x 15 to 24 inches) and a brass swivel snap hook (4 3/8 inches). Sizes can be adjusted to fit your needs.

2. Measure a few inches below the top of the dock and drill a hole into the seawall dock board for the screw eye Start the screw eye by hand and then securely tighten with the pliers.


3. Bend one of the S-clips of the rubber bungee securely around the ring of the snap swivel.

4. Bend the other S-clip of the bungee through the dock screw eye.

Use clips to secure the lines
Clips prevents lines tangling in engines. Dave Lear

5. When the spring lines are in place and adjusted, clip the middle of the crossed intersection in the snap swivel.


6. Once a season, check the bungee for dry rot and spray a corrosion inhibitor/lubricant on the snap swivel.


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