Quick Wire-Tie Bridle Rig


I use wire ties to bridle-rig live baits, ranging in size from pilchards to blue runners, quickly and easily. I take a 4" nylon wire tie and cut the end off at a sharp angle, which serves as my needle. I stick the pointed end of the wire tie through the eye or the back of the fish, depending on where I want to place the hook. Then I pass the tag end of the wire tie through the locking mechanism. When I'm ready to rig my bait on the hook, I insert the hook through the loop created by the wire tie, pull the tie tight and snip off the tag end. Aside from being simple, I find I can pre-rig my baits with wire ties so I only need to cinch the tie on the hook, optimizing my time on the water.

— Paul Schilling, Coral Springs, Florida