Offshore Fishing Tips

Techniques to battle the brutes of the blue water.

No doubt, there’s a feeling of freedom when headed offshore in the early morning. The potential to catch a new personal best or a new species is an addiction that never gets old. There is nothing better to an offshore angler than when the gas tanks are full, the engines are running great, the destination is marked on the GPS, the tackle is rigged, and the weather forecast looks favorable. All that’s left is to get out there and drop the lines.

Whether targeting tuna, billfish, dorado, wahoo, bottom fish or any other popular offshore species, Salt Water Sportsman has you covered. We provide the latest fishing techniques to catch the most popular offshore species, while also keeping you updated on the latest boat models, electronics and boating advancements.


Popular Offshore Game Fish

Some people are happy to go on a vacation and catch a big fish while “deep-sea fishing.” But we know better. First, we understand that nobody who fishes regularly offshore actually calls it deep-sea fishing. Second, we know that popular offshore game fish are available off most coastal states in the United States. You don’t have to travel far away, you just have to make it happen in your home waters. Whether it’s tuna, billfish, mackerel, snapper or grouper, Salt Water Sportsman covers all the most popular offshore species.


Offshore Fishing Techniques

If you’re not a charter captain on the water every day targeting offshore gamesters for customers, chances are you don’t have every fishing technique sealed into memory. And to be honest, with the extensive ways to target fish via trolling, drift-fishing, and bottom-fishing methods, nobody is truly an expert at all offshore fishing techniques. There are simply too many ways, both new and old, to catch fish. Use this section to catch up on those tried-and-true and burgeoning tactics to catch your favorite offshore species.


Offshore Fishing Boats

Before you make that hefty boat purchase, you will want to do your research. Let Salt Water Sportsman help. We have a massive library of boat reviews to guide you through your boat buying search, whether it’s on the used or new boat market. Maybe we can pique your interest in a model you didn’t know existed, or simply help you learn about the newest models from the top boat manufacturers. No matter what, browse through our library to help find your next offshore battlewagon.