How to Tie Fishing Knots

Learn from the Salt Water Sportsman editorial staff how to tie the most popular fishing knots, from the basics to the more complex

Before you go fishing, you have to learn how to tie the most basic knots used in the sport. This section will help you learn a wide variety of knots, with differing skill levels for each experience group of anglers. Whether you're a beginner for fishing, you're a veteran, or you're looking for those expert knots that are tough to master, this page has it all. You can learn the basic knots or the most difficult ones with our step-by-step guide.

See video, photo galleries, and other explanatory examples showing you how to master each of the most essential fishing knots. It might be a blood knot, the bristol knot, the non-slip loop knot, or any others you want to either learn from scratch or fine tune that one step that keeps getting the better of you. See it here with our guide to fishing knots, including a bit of history how each one originated and the backstory behind how these knots became integral to the sport of fishing.

The knots covered range in skill levels — so even if you're new to fishing, you can learn some of the basics. If you have those mastered, you can try your hand at the next level with the intermediate knots. Then, if you have passed the test to that point, it's time to take a try at some expert-level knots. See if you can learn all of them by nature — making you ready for any fishing configuration.

If you'd like a one-stop shop of the most essential knots, visit our Important Fishing Knots page showing step-by-step guides for eight particular options. If you want to focus on one single knot, we have you covered no matter which one it is.