Boating Tips and Maintenance

Learn how to fix those common boat troubles and become a better boat captain.


Boating Tips

If you’re older than the legal minimum age designated by your state, you don’t need a boater’s license to pilot a recreational fishing boat. For some, that means you might find yourself owning a fishing boat without really knowing how to operate it. Salt Water Sportsman has tips for new and veteran boat owners alike, ranging from electronics, boat operation, rigging, safety and cleaning tips. Whatever you need a little help with, chances are our collection of articles has what you’re looking for.


Boat Maintenance

Boats are not cars. Boats travel in harsh, salty conditions while cars roll along on paved roads. That means boats need maintenance at far more regular intervals than cars. Plus, with boats, there’s always the threat of saltwater intruding into places it shouldn’t. To save money, boat owners should know how to handle regular boat maintenance on their own — the jobs are never as hard as they seem. Salt Water Sportsman details how to conduct regular maintenance on your boat to prevent breakdowns on the water and to save you dollars in the long run.