Tying the Seaguar Knot

The Seaguar knot is a different take on a line-to-leader connection.

seguar knot
Tying the seguar knotFile Photo

The Seaguar knot allows you to connect a leader and main line of similar diameter quickly and efficiently. Named for the Seaguar Fluorocarbon Co., a Japanese fishing line manufacturer, the knot binds the lines in a series of twists. It retains a high percentage of main-line strength and has a wind-on profile -- great when using long, low-visibility leaders.

seguar knot
Step oneFile Photo

Step 1 Lay the last ten inches of the main line next to ten inches of the butt end of the leader. Use the two lines to form a five-inch-diameter loop.

seguar knot
Step twoFile Photo

Step 2 Pinch the lines together where they cross, and use a fingertip to twist the loops together, making five turns.

seguar knot
Step threeFile Photo

Step 3 Pass the leader and main-line tag end through the loop at the top of the twists. Wet the knot with saliva and pull both tag ends and lines in opposite directions to snug it tight.