Contender 32 ST

Always a master of fish-ability, Contender promises fish in plentiful numbers with the 32 ST’s deck plan.

Our respondents commended Contender for its speed and efficiency. No wonder, when you peek at the bottom of the ST and its multistepped hull. Even more telling is its nearly 2 mpg cruise speed of 40 mph pushed by dual Yamaha 300s. Top speed, our respondents’ second favorite attribute, is evidenced at 68.8 mph at 6,100 rpm.

Always a master of fish-ability, Contender promises fish in plentiful numbers with the 32 ST's deck plan. At the transom, dual 40 gallon livewells keep baits tournament fresh. The systems are pressurized to give pogeys and sardines a gentle ride to the grounds in the roughest conditions. Four enormous fish boxes are conveniently arranged. A pair can be found aft to port and starboard, the other pair on the centerline forward of the console. All are insulated, lined and macerated. Perhaps the coup de grace is a pair of locking rod boxes to the port and starboard of the forward lockers.

Safety is held in high regard by respondents, too, and the efficient deck plan -contributes to it with secure footing, clear walkways and grab rails all along the bow. Furthering its fishability, the boat’s rails are recessed — easy to grab but snag free when fishing or casting nets for bait.

Both the 24 and the 32 ST boast prime examples of attributes our respondents hold dear. But what makes Contender a perennial high scorer is the consistency with which these attributes are -represented across the Contender line. They learned a lot in thirty years.

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Contender 32ST
LOA: **32' 7" ****|**** ****Beam:** 9' 8"** ****|**** ****Fuel Capacity:** 310 gal.** ****Dry Weight:** 11,560 lb. plus power** ****|**** ****Max Horsepower:** 700 **|**** Certifications: **NMMACourtesy Contender Boats
Contender 32 ST
With dual 350s, the stepped hull 32 ST makes 2 mpg at 40 mph.Courtesy Contender Boats
Contender 32 ST
Contender 32 STCourtesy Contender Boats