SFTV Shoot - Day 1

So, here I am in Venice, Louisiana and the first day of filming for the Fly Fishing in Salt Waters edition of SFTV is done. Due to high winds and cloudy skies, we got a fairly late start. However, Capt. Greg Dini was on the push pole at around 2:30 pm and we were hooked up to a nice eight-pound redfish 10 minutes later.

As a person who doesn’t really consider himself an “on-camera” kind of guy, I have to say, today was interesting but, I must say, I developed a whole new respect for actors. Fishing is such an involuntary action but today was different. I was being told when to be excited, how to be excited and what to be excited about. When the cameras aren’t rolling, and I’m simply fishing, I get amped up over a variety of things. It could be catching a fish, a near eat or even a screw up. But when the cameras are rolling it’s a whole different ball game and it’s tough to stay focused.

All in all, today was good. We ended up catching a handful of quality redfish in only a couple of hours. I was happy because I got the job done and the camera crew was happy because they managed to squeak out some quality footage on a day that we considered calling a wash. The good news is, we have tomorrow and the next day to film and the weatherman is calling for favorable conditions. Stay tuned to see how day two goes.