Killing Record Fish on Fly

For today's blog, I have decided to address a question to you all: How do you feel about killing fish for world records? I only ask because I was thumbing through a few old issues (before my time) and it seems as though every time we publish anything about a remarkable catch where the fish was killed, we get tons of mail scolding us for doing so. Don't get me wrong, I do see where the frustrations are coming from - like many of you, I personally don't have any interest in killing a fish for a record. While that's my personal feeling on the issue, I wouldn't hold it against an angler who chooses to do so for a record as long as he/she followed all the rules and regulations. How do you all feel? If you are 100% against it, tell us exactly why. If you are for it, are there benefits other than the personal satisfaction of achieving a record? If you are in between on the issue, what pros and cons do you see?