Redfish remain a perennial favorite of anglers throughout their range.


With distinctive coppery coloration, large scales, a diagnostic black tail spot, or spots, and a voracious appetite, red drum–also called redfish, channel bass, puppy drum for the smaller ones, bull reds for the bruisers–remain a perennial favorite of anglers throughout their range.

While found in the Atlantic from Long Island, around Florida and throughout the Gulf of Mexico, redfish are primarily a southern fishery with many great fishing destinations.

Caught by still fishing, drifting and casting, they are a favorite sight-fishing target for shallow water light-tackle anglers. They’ll hit almost any natural bait and a full range of lures from spoons to topwaters, as well as flies. Most run under 15 pounds, are commonly caught to 30 pounds and can reach in rare cases nearly 100 pounds. Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina hold dependable populations in inshore waters as well as in passes and channels leading to the ocean. They make fine table fare.