Yamaha Unveils World’s First 225HP Four-Stroke V6 Outboard Motor

Yamaha Marine unveiled the world's first lightweight, compact V6 four-stroke outboard that will redefine the standards for outboard performance, the Yamaha F225.

October 3, 2001

Yamaha Marine unveiled the world’s first lightweight, compact V6 four-stroke outboard that will redefine the standards for outboard performance, the Yamaha F225. Yamaha Marine group president Phil Dyskow made the announcement September 26 at Boating Week in Orlando, Florida, during a showing of the revolutionary new outboard where he announced planned distribution of the motor beginning next year. Also attending Boating Week to celebrate this exciting announcement were several Yamaha executives from Japan who shared a key role in the development of the F225. Industry observers were not surprised to see Yamaha unveil this revolutionary new motor given Yamaha’s history of product innovations.
A true milestone achievement, the F225 V6 delivers an incredible 225 horses of pure four-stroke torque and power, Dyskow said. No car motor adapted to be an outboard; Yamaha’s engineering team designed the F225 from scratch to be a marine outboard. Sleek and compact in design; almost the same size as a two-stroke outboard of the same class. This lightweight and compact advantage is essential because it means the Yamaha F25 outboard will rig properly and provide outstanding performance on today’s most popular boats that are made for V6 outboard applications.
With Yamaha’s F225, boaters will be able to enjoy the V6 power and performance they demand and also gain the additional benefits of clean-running performance, outstanding fuel efficiency, exceptional range and quiet operation that a four-stroke outboard can provide. The Yamaha F225 also eliminates the need for two-stroke oil to be mixed with fuel. This advantage further reduces operating expense and increases boat storage space because a separate oil tank is no longer required onboard.
The F225 was designed to revolutionize outboard performance with its compact and lightweight configuration. To accomplish this standard, Yamaha engineers developed an “In-Bank Exhaust System” that is a Yamaha-exclusive and patented innovation that reverses the intake and exhaust system layouts when compared to conventional four-stroke V6 engines. Additionally, the fuel injectors are located on the inside of the intake tracks to further save space and keep the injector electrical wiring away from the cowling for further durability.
The F225 even features a marine-inspired direct-drive alternator system located underneath the flywheel on the top of the engine. This unique alternator is more compact and enhances reliability with its direct-drive design and location.
The new F225 features a unique new 60-degree V6 DOHC power unit designed to deliver high combustion efficiency and high power output to exceed the performance requirements for marine-power applications. The F225 also features Yamaha’s award-winning DOHC Double Overhead Cam technology featuring 24 valves for more precise valve timing and outstanding fuel economy. The intake and fuel injection system features six tuned intake tubes that boost torque in the low to middle rpm range, providing power and acceleration that is truly exceptional. This unique system includes six independent throttle valves and six individual inside track fuel injectors all working together to provide outstanding fuel economy and smooth performance.
The Yamaha F225 V6 four-stroke outboard provides exceptional fuel efficiency and exceeds the Federal EPA emission standards for the year 2006, said David Grigsby, product manager for Yamaha Marine. The Yamaha F225 also features a unique idle-speed controller and idle-noise-reduction system that provides quiet operation throughout the entire rpm range.
For additional information regarding the complete Yamaha outboard offering for the current year, visit the Yamaha Web site at: For the location of your nearest Yamaha Outboard dealer, call toll-free 800-88-YAMAHA.


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