How to Tie the Top 10 Fly Fishing Knots

How to tie 10 fly fishing knots that will keep you connected all the way from the spool of your reel to the eye of your fly.

September 11, 2013

I will never forget the first big fish I lost on fly–it was the biggest snook that I’ve ever been in the presence of. This lifetime fish was in and out of my life in about a half-second all because of a poor knot.

During this time, I was a complete beginner, and like many other neophyte fly-anglers, I spent all my time practicing my cast. It was my belief that being able to cast 100 feet was what constituted fly-fishing greatness.

After weeks of persistent heroic casting-­practice sessions, I could see my skills sharpening. I was able to cast a rather good distance and was also getting pretty accurate.


While retrieving my fly for another cast, an absolute beast of a snook came out of nowhere and violently swiped at my fly. Because I didn’t feel a thing, I just figured it missed the fly. When I looked at the end of my leader, I saw the dreaded pigtail–the telltale sign of a knot failure.

I was embarrassed and angry. It was right then and there that I realized a long cast and a ­picture-perfect presentation don’t mean a damn thing if you can’t tie a knot.

_ All of you beginners out there, kiss pigtails goodbye and learn how to tie the fly fishing knots below by clicking on each one for detailed directions and videos._

Nonslip Loop Knot Nonslip Loop Knot __  alt= Clinch Knot __ Bimini Twist Bimini Twist __
Albright Knot Albright Knot __ Blood knot Blood knot __ Perfection loop knot Perfection Loop Knot __
Nail Knot Nail Knot __ Arbor Knot Arbor Knot __ Spider Hitch Spider Hitch __
Haywire Twist Haywire Twist __

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