Top Redfish Flies

Four proven flies that catch reds anywhere.

A handful of fly patterns can catch redfish anywhere.
While bonefish and redfish are very different species from one another, similari- ties can be found in their diet and, therefore, fly selection. Even though this pattern was originally designed for bonefish, it can be very effective on redfish found tailing in superskinny water.Alex Suescun


There’s no denying the effectiveness of a gold spoon on redfish. The fly version of this classic lure may receive a bit of criticism from ultra purists, but if you are an angler who can look beyond this controversy, spoon flies are hard to beat when you can’t get an eat on any- thing else. They work best when stripped slowly.Kim Kuhn


This pattern borrows the crablike body shape of a Merkin and combines it with a shrimplike craft fur tail. Over the years, the Kwan has become a go-to for many redfish guides and anglers primarily because of how versatile the pat- tern is. It can mimic several critters on the redfish diet depending on how the angler strips the fly.Kim Kuhn


Enrico Puglisi is well known for baitfish patterns, but he also has an incredible selection of crab and shrimp patterns perfect for redfish. The EP Crab is a favorite when redfish are keying in spe- cifically on crabs. When wet, the pattern looks very lifelike, and because of the marabou tail, it shows movement with little or no stripping action.Kim Kuhn