Popping-Cork Teaser

Use popping corks for an effective daisy-chain teaser for trolling

A handful of popping corks (the classic, rear-weighted kind) makes an effective daisy-chain teaser for trolling. The corks splash, swim, and create a bubble trail proven to raise billfish, dolphin and tuna wherever they roam.

popping cork teaser rig daisy-chain
Detail of the popping-cork teaser rigmarcus parker / parkmanpro.com
  1. You'll need a few sleeves for crimping, 10 feet of 150-pound mono, 6 feet of 80-pound mono, six 200-pound swivels, six 150-pound snap swivels, one 250-pound snap swivel, six plastic beads and six large popping corks — preferably in bright pink, blue, green or orange.
  2. First, cut five 18-inch sections of the heavy mono and, using crimps, connect each to the next with a 200-pound swivel. Next, add the remaining 200-pound swivels to both ends and connect the remaining 30-inch length of 150-pound mono to one of them. Then add the 250-pound snap swivel to the tag end.
popping cork teaser rig daisy-chain
String together 6 popping corks for an effective teaser rig.marcus parker / parkmanpro.com
  1. Cut the 80-pound mono into 1-foot sections and attach a 150-pound snap swivel to each. Pass the tag ends through the popping corks (wide end first) and add a bead to each before crimping a small loop on the end to lock everything in place. Lastly, clip a snap to every swivel on the heavy mono to finish the daisy chain.