Red Snapper Die as Gulf Rigs Decommissioned

Should the federal government destroy fish habitat and individuals of a species deemed overfished?

The video below, from a local newscast, shows red snapper floating to the surface dead near oil platforms. The rigs, though harmful to the environment, are also fish-supporting structures for species such as red snapper. Obsolete oil rigs are blown up and decommissioned according to terms with the Department of the Interior--that's who authorizes the platform in the first place. The decommissioning process (yes, the explosions) wind up killing many red snapper. We know red snapper aren't a highly sought after fly rod target, but nonetheless, it's surprising the federal government sanctions such an effort that leads to the killing of a species they deemed overfished. And for what? Because these abandoned rigs are eye sores? We believe there should be a much better reason for destroying fish habitat than that. What are your thoughts? --Ed