American Fly Reel Makers Even Out the Playing Field

How U.S. Fly Reel Manufacturers Plan To Combat the Asian Invasion.

mp us reels

mp us reels

Should a United States manufacturing company be punished for producing its goods inside of its own country? Absolutely not. Unfortunately for U.S.-based reel manufacturers, this is reality. Manufacturers’ excise taxes are based on their first sale. What this means is that, when you purchase a foreign-made reel, the excise tax calculation is based on the price of the product before it’s shipped across the ocean and import duties. So in reality, the U.S. importer/distributor pays excise tax on less than cost. The U.S. manufacturer does not pay tax on cost, which is typically higher, but on the wholesale price. To level the playing field, the government should instead tax the first sale in the United States. This is the same quandary rod companies faced a few years ago. Rod builders fought back by forming a united front, and after much debate, they persevered and got their taxes lowered.

Fly-fishing enthusiasts should know that buying American-made products has advantages other than quality and functionality. The dollars incurred via excise tax on fly-fishing products go toward good things, such as organizations that protect the resource we fly-fishermen rely on to sustain the fish we seek. This money contributes to various conservation groups, hunter education courses, stream restoration and more. That being said, anglers should know that, yes, manufacturers of rods and reels produced overseas do in fact contribute to the environment, but because of manufacturing costs and, therefore, tax breaks, they don't have nearly as big of an impact as those who make and sell them in the
United States.

Abel, Bauer, Hatch, Nautilus, Solitude and Tibor are five American-based reel companies that contribute to the 10 Percent for Conservation Initiative. These companies are proud to inform the general public that 10 percent of their reel sales go directly back into the environment you love. So, the next time you find yourself stripping line off of an American-made reel while admiring a flat in the Florida Keys, take pride in the fact that you are contributing to the resource by supporting reel manufacturers based in the United States.