Fishing for Giant Trevally and Bonefish

This video highlights the pristine waters of Christmas Island, Kiribati.

Chasing giants: The wide-open flats of Christmas Island offer chances at giant trevally.Barry And Cathy Beck

_For as remote as Christmas Island (Kiritimati) is, it gets plenty of attention from globetrotting fly anglers. The island--part of the Republic of Kiribati--is a goldmine for bonefish and giant trevally. The beautiful waterscapes are largely untouched, along with its fisheries. To get there, Christmas Island is about a 3-hour flight from Honolulu. Below, the video should give you a better idea of what to expect. Blue waters, blue skies, big bonefish, and 80 degree temperatures--perks we could all get used to. --Ed. _