Louisiana Delta Fishing

Cajun country's offshore fishing has come back with a vengeance

May 27, 2011
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Fishing variety John Brownlee

The waters around the deltas of Louisiana offer some of the best fishing in the world, both inshore and offshore. In the vast networks of bayous and bays inshore, you’ll find world-class redfish and speckled trout action. Offshore, there’s equally good fishing for a wide variety of pelagic and bottom species.

Live Baiting
Live baiting. Joe Mahler /

Live bait caught from around the base of the rig works great on the yellowfins. Live tinker mackerel, Spanish sardines and blue runners are all effective, but you should also work metal vertical jigs at the same time.

Tuna Attractors
Tuna attractors. Staff

The huge floating oil rigs in deep water off Louisiana attract yellow-fin tuna, wahoo, dolphin, marlin and mako sharks.

Reef Time
Reef time. Staff

Shallower rigs often sit near natural reefs, where grouper await.

Fit for a King
Fit for a king. Staff

Louisiana is famous as a world-class king mackerel spot, and large fish are the norm rather than the exception. Live-baiting and chunking both work well, and you can also cast hardware.


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