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Learn from the master. Lefty Kreh has published dozens of books on fly fishing. Here are some of the best.

January 27, 2005
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Lefty’s Library main page promo

If you want to be a master you must learn from the master. Guru Left Kreh has published literally dozens of books on the art and sport of fly fishing. Here are some of the best. Perfect for both the beginner and for the more seasoned pro to refresh. You can learn more about each volume or purchase it directly from by clicking the links below.


Lefty Kreh’s Ultimate Guide To Fly Fishing]( Culled from a lifetime of fishing and teaching in almost every conceivable place a fish can be caught, fly fishers will learn the master’s thousands of subtle tricks and invaluable insights. More>| |  [

Saltwater Fly Patterns]( Saltwater Fly Patterns is a compilation of superb color photographs and clear, effective recipes for hundreds of the most popular and proven flies used by the experts. This is the much-needed complete revision of the standard handbook on saltwater fly patterns. This new edition includes twenty new color plates and brings the total number of flies shown and described to more than 350. More>| | [


Lefty’s Favorite Fly-Fishing Waters]( For almost forty years, Lefty has been fishing all over the States. He’s had his share of river washouts, sun-bright salmon days, cloudy bonefish skies, fishless days, and busted trips. Fly fishers have been begging him to pass along some of his best finds, so Lefty Kreh has written a wide-ranging travel book to do just that. More>| | [

Saltwater Fly-Casting Techniques** ]( fly fishing in fresh water, casting a weighted size 4 fly a distance of 35 feet can be a difficult task – but that’s just the starting point when fly casting in salt water. In order for anglers to get the most out of the exhilarating sport of catching 30-pound stripers and 150-pound tarpon, they must be able to spot a fish and cast a large fly a distance of over 50 feet into the wind at a moment’s notice. This is where Lefty Kreh’s years of on-the-water teaching experience can make a beginning saltwater fly caster an expert, and an expert a pro.More>| | [**

Fly Fishing Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon]( Among the most prized fly-rod gamefish in salt water, bonefish, permit, and tarpon are also the most challenging species to take on fly tackle. Bonefish, called “gray ghosts of the flats,” feed in skinny water, are very difficult to see, and in Lefty’s words “are more nervous than a cat in a dog pound.” And tarpon, called “silver kings,” are famed as great leapers, grow to enormous size, and require special techniques to hook and land successfully. In this gorgeous, full-color book, world-renowned fly angler Lefty Kreh covers everything you need to know to capture all three species on the long rod.More>| | [


Fly Fishing In Salt Water]( Twenty years ago, FLY FISHING IN SALT WATER pioneered this new territory for fly fishers. Now, with over forty thousand copies sold, this comprehensive volume on saltwater fly fishing is available as a handy and inexpensive paperback.More> | | [

Longer Fly Casting** ]( fly fishermen want to be able to cast ten feet – or more – farther. The trout, tarpon, permit, or bass always seem at least that distance from one’s best cast, and there is no adequate solution other than learning to make a longer cast. This little handbook will help any fly fisherman – beginner to near-expert – to refine his fly-casting technique: to double-haul with more accuracy and authority and for greater distance; to cast better from boats, into the wind, when there are obstructions; to roll cast farther; to prepare one’s equipment properly for longer casts.More>| | [**

Modern Fly-Casting Methods]( Lefty Kreh is arguably the world’s best-known fly fisher, and in Modern Fly-Casting Methods, he has distilled his decades of fly-casting wisdom into a compact, thoroughly illustrated guide on the best way to cast. Using his years of experience teaching novice and expert fly fishers alike, Lefty shows: modern fly-casting methods illustrated from the front, side, and overhead; the effects of bending the wrist during the acceleration; the baseball-throw cast; the single water haul and double water haul; common casting problems and solutions. More>| | [


Fly Fishing The InShore Waters]( Inshore salt waters offer a host of varied environments – and tremendous fly-fishing opportunities. From striped bass, bluefish, and false albacore in the Northeast to spotted seatrout, redfish, and snook in more southerly locales, inshore saltwater gamefish offer numerous challenges and rewards. In this gorgeous full-color book, master fly angler Lefty Kreh shows you how to fish the long wand for all the major inshore species, offering invaluable, authoritative, and time-tested advice on the fish and their habitats; reading and understanding the tides; finding fish; casting techniques; tackle selection; the nine best fly patterns for inshore saltwater fly fishing, complete with tying instructions; and much more. A special section is devoted to the striped bass – perhaps the most popular inshore gamefish of them all – and covers boats, stripping baskets, the striper’s multiple habitats, and the best tackle and flies. More>| | [

Fly Fishing For Bass]( In a handsome distillation of a lifetime of wisdom, master angler Lefty Kreh reveals the essentials of fly fishing for bass, arguably the most popular and important gamefish that is admired and hunted by legions of anglers, and found in nearly every state and province of North America. More>| | [

Advanced Fly Casting]( In Advanced Fly Casting, master angler and instructor Lefty Kreh provides invaluable advice and instruction about: the five essential principles of Lefty’s modern fly-casting method; the necessary elements of good casting, including footwork, rod grip, reducing the number of back casts, eliminating slack, correcting tailing loops, and many more; advanced casting techniques for more effective fishing, including the roll cast, the off-the-shoulder roll cast, the reach cast, the curve cast, the tuck cast, and the double haul; the value of exercises and consistent practice; how to identify and troubleshoot casting problems.More>| | [


Presenting The Fly]( One of fishing’s wisest of sages, the indomitable Lefty Kreh, has so authoritatively condensed his art down to science–without losing the art–that when he begins this expansive volume on how to get the fly to the fish with “Some Guidelines for Presentation” he doesn’t bother rounding off his list to a falsely neat and packageable 50 guidelines. Kreh deems there to be just 47, so 47 there are. Some are obvious–“Always approach the fish as quietly as possible before you cast”; “If you can see your line in flight, you can make a more accurate cast”; “Never cast farther than is comfortable for you”–while others are quite specific: “Always approach a single fish, or school of fish, from upwind”; “After you dress a dry fly, be sure to remove any oil before you make your next cast”; “When you fish extremely clear waters, switch from bucktail and natural-hair streamer flies to those made from the more transparent synthetic wing materials.” More>| | [

L.L. Bean Saltwater Fly-Fishing Handbook]( The L.L. Bean Saltwater Fly-Fishing Handbook is an indispensable guide to the most exciting fly fishing from one of the world’s foremost authorities. Whether you’ve never fished before or are a classic trout-stream angler, or you have fly fished in the sea for years, the L.L. Bean Saltwater Fly-Fishing Handbook is the definitive guide on the subject for beginners and experts alike. Fly fishing in salt water makes special demands on the angler, and Lefty explains every aspect of this challenging and exciting sport in this comprehensive, practical, and easy-to-read handbook. More>| | [

Fly-Fishing Techniques & Tactics]( In Fly-Fishing Techniques & Tactics, Lefty gives sound, practical, and effective information you can use on your very next fishing trip, no matter where you’re going or what species of fish you’re after. Read Lefty’s priceless advice about: how to prepare tackle for every circumstance; finding fish at the right place and at the right time; tips for approaching from shore, wading, or in a boat; how to make the right presentation; the most effective retrieve or drift; how to fight and release fish and much more. More>| | [

The Longest Cast]( Around the world, people share a passion for fishing. The Longest Cast chronicles some of the people and places that define fishing as a truly worldwide pursuit. More> | | [

Lefty’s Little Fly Fishing Tips]( Dozens of practical tips, invaluable advice, and hard-won observations on how to fool even the wiliest fish, in both fresh and salt water. Whether your fly fishing takes you to freshwater trout streams and bass lakes; to the Northeast salt for striped bass and bluefish; or to the tropics for bone-fish, tarpon, jacks, and redfish, you will find much of value in Lefty’s Little Fly-Fishing Tips, a distillation of a fly-fishing master’s more than five decades plying the waters of the world with fly rod in hand. More>| | [

Fly Fishing Knots and Connections**]( In Fly Fishing Knots and Connections, legendary fly fisherman Lefty Kreh tells anglers everything they need to know about what may be the most crucial aspect of successful angling – the connections between the reel, backing, fly line, leader, and tippet. More>| |

101 Fly-Fishing Tips One of the most experienced anglers in the world shares his wealth of experience with a variety of commonsense solutions to the problems that anglers face. More>| | [**

Advanced Fly-Fishing Techniques**]( Here is an indispensable guide, newly revised and updated, to advanced fly fishing in both fresh and salt water from the world’s best known fly-fishing instructor, the man other pros turn to for advice on all aspects of casting, fishing, and tying flies. This long-awaited, revised and updated edition of Lefty Kreh’s classic Advanced Fly-Fishing Techniques, illustrated with numerous photographs and line drawings.More>|

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