Williamson Goggle Eye and Live Ballyhoo Hybrids

The company is always adding new species and innovations to its popular line of soft plastics...


Advancements in lure-making technology continually improve the look and feel of artificial baits. Williamson's Live series, which debuted several years ago, brought the lifelike trend offshore, and the company is always adding new species and innovations to its popular line of soft plastics.

Already known as one of the best baits for game fish, the goggle-eye made perfect sense for a Williamson Live bait. However, the Williamson Goggle Eye adds even more flash than the real thing thanks to its extra-large 3-D holographic eyes and embedded holographic foil. The realism shines through with a patented wing and tail design that provides action-driven tail movement at speeds up to 7 knots. The Live Goggle Eye features the Williamson-patented Hook Lock system, which keeps the VMC Perma Steel 9/0 in perfect position for a hookup. The Goggle Eye comes pre-rigged with the VMC 9/0 and six feet of 130-pound Sufix Premium monofilament.

And for those who still want to pull their ballyhoo/lure combos with a J hook, try one of Williamson's Live Ballyhoo Hybrids. The combination of the conventional pusher-style head and durable paddle-tail body holds true to lifelike swimming action, producing a bubble trail that all billfish and large game-fish species react to. The Hybrids come in three color patterns and are rigged with the same VMC hooks and Sufix leader system as the Goggle Eye.

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