Fly rodder recognized by President for work on fish habitats

On August 22, 2003, during President Bush's speech atWashington's Ice Harbor Dam, the President recognized Gary Loomis,owner of GLoomis fly rod company and president and founder of thenon-profit Fish First, for his organization's work in fish habitatrestoration. President Bush was quoted as saying:

"There's a group called Fish First. I met a fellow named GaryLoomis. And I appreciate Gary coming today. Gary is a guy who caresabout restoring salmon runs and salmon habitat. So he and a groupof volunteers have come together to work on the salmon projectsaround the state of Washington. They're installing culverts toaccommodate the fish. They're creating side channels and ponds.They're getting their money through private donations. There's alot of people who care about salmon runs, and they ought to behelping by contributing money. And they're using volunteers andsome public grants.

"As I understand that Gary Loomis' group is going to add another4,900-foot of stream channel, mainly through volunteer work. And Iappreciate what you're doing, Gary. I want to why don't you standup and give people a chance to look at you and let you know the --(applause). I want to thank you for what you're doing. This willgive me a chance to tell the people of the great state ofWashington and Oregon that if you're interested in salmon runs, ifyou want to do your part about conserving this great legacy,volunteer with groups like Gary Loomis' group.

"There's a lot of good conservation groups that have a goodcommon-sense view about making sure that the quality of human lifeis strong, and the quality of fish life is vibrant and healthy, aswell. Volunteer help makes a difference."

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