Suzuki 250SS

Over the years, Suzuki four-strokes have earned a reputation for rock-solid reliability and customer satisfaction.



Specifically targeting the crossover flats and bay-boat markets, Suzuki Marine has introduced a high-performance, 250-hp short-shaft engine.

"Our new 250SS is the culmination of years of development, designed to satisfy a boater's need for speed in both fresh and salt water," says Suzuki's marine marketing director Larry Vandiver. "We worked closely with the factory to develop a 'sport four-stroke' outboard that meets the power needs of today's flats and bay boats, or any other boat with a 20-inch transom. We asked for a motor that pulls no punches and pulls its own weight when it comes to giving boaters the power, acceleration and top end they expect."

With Big Block 4.0-liter displacement, Suzuki's Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC), four-valves-per-cylinder V6 powerhead packs the muscle to push any rig to its performance potential. Along with this muscle comes plenty of smart engineering - like a powerful 32-bit computer with high-performance programming, an extra-large dual intake and Suzuki's proven multi-stage induction system developed to enhance the motor's breathing characteristics based on operating speeds. Using two intake manifolds per cylinder - one long and curved, one short and straight - the optimum fuel-air charge is delivered when powering out of the hole, flying full-out across the bay, or anywhere in between. Maximum operating range for the 250SS is 5,300 to 6,300 rpm.

The new 250SS also features Suzuki's proven Variable Valve Timing, a feature that continually adjusts intake timing for stronger low- and mid-range torque. Combined with Suzuki's multi-stage induction, this helps the 250SS deliver seamless acceleration from the moment you push the throttle. And unlike current two-strokes, the new 250SS is smooth and quiet; the competition - and the fish - will never hear you coming.

To ensure that its 250 ponies deliver where the "wheel meets the water," Suzuki developed a 20-inch shaft combined with an aggressive lower unit that reduces hydrostatic drag. By slicing through the water, Suzuki is able to improve acceleration and increase overall boat and motor efficiency.

Despite its sleek appearance, the beefy lower unit houses powerful gearing that delivers a final drive ratio of 2.08:1 - for lightning-quick hole shots without sacrificing top-end speed. This aggressive gearing is matched with a new series of stainless-steel, high-rake, high-pitch three- and four-blade props, custom-tuned to maximize the engine's performance.

A narrow 55-degree V-block and proven offset driveshaft make the motor more compact and move its center of gravity forward on the transom. As a result, Suzuki's 250SS fits and balances better on today's performance-oriented boats. Weight-saving features like new moly-coated forged-aluminum pistons and full-float hollow wrist pins give Suzuki's 250SS a target weight of 578 pounds - despite all its heavyweight muscle.

The engine also features a powerful 54-amp alternator to provide plenty of juice to power radios, CD and DVD players, trolling motors, lights, pumps and an array of sophisticated electronics.

Over the years, Suzuki four-strokes have earned a reputation for rock-solid reliability and customer satisfaction. The new 250SS is designed to provide trouble-free performance over the long run, with features like an oil-bathed, gear-driven timing chain that never requires maintenance or adjustment. From its quiet operation and its range-stretching fuel economy to its "no muss, no fuss" four-stroke performance, the new 250SS lets anglers worry about more important things - like catching the big one. The new 250SS is backed by Suzuki's standard three-year limited warranty with an available three-year extended-protection plan that provides six years of protection and peace of mind.

For more information about the new 2008 Suzuki 250SS or Suzuki's full line of four-stroke outboards from 2.5 to 300 horsepower, contact American Suzuki Motor Corporation at (714) 996-7040 or visit