The Downside of Upside Environmental Management

Is killing fish now worth creating better fish-holding structure in the future?

In that I said: "The positive eco-impact to marine fisheries is hard to argue as reefed rigs provide abundant habit where it previously was unavailable. Nor can the economic impact be debated, as recreational fishermen reap the reefed rigs bounty."

Recently, a local Mobile, Alabama station (Local 15) reported on the downside of converting these structures from waste to resource. See the story and video here. For me, I find this type of reporting disingenuous.

The report leads readers (and viewers) to believe demo crews randomly destroy fragile marine habitat. Where this type of reporting misses the mark, is these structures, following their demolition, provide acres of new habitat which dramatically increases future red snapper yields for the commercial and recreational fishermen.

Is it horrible these fish are sacrificed? Of course it is. Is it fantastic these fisheries expand and thrive exponentially over the status quo, offering logarithmically higher yields? The answer of course is a resounding yes. And, I would argue it is worthy of reporting.