Reel Left or Right handed?

The nondominant hand does reels in fly line slower than the dominant hand.

Q: “If right-handed, do you wind the reel with your right or left hand?” A: Some right-handers claim they have always wound a spinning reel with the left hand so that’s why they do so with a fly reel. I don’t see that as a legitimate argument. The longer spinning-reel handle travels in a wider arc and is much easier to manipulate than the tight-circle coordination required of a fly reel. I’ve had right-handers claim they could reel just as fast and long with their nondominant, or left, hand. To test my theory I had them reel in the length of the fly line with their left hand and then stretched the line out again and had them reel it in with their right hand. While I’m sure there’s someone out there who can dispute this, I have never seen the nondominant hand reel in the fly line faster than the dominant hand. It’s a case of endurance. I have yet to see the nondominant hand win when people attempt it.