Choosing the best inshore 8-weight

I prefer a light reel with a generous spool diameter...

Q: I'm looking to buy a top-of-the-line 8-weight reel as a retirement gift to myself. I fish inshore, primarily for trout, redfish and snook, and I've narrowed down the choices to a Tibor Everglades, Abel Super 7, and Islander LX3 or FR2. Any recommendations?

James Doto
St. Petersburg, Florida

A: All of these reels are designed to handle more than anything you might encounter inshore, James, and all are so well built that you'll be able to give them to your grandchildren when the time comes.

I prefer a light reel with a generous spool diameter. It's a personal choice, but the lighter reel helps when casting, and it's certainly less tiresome when standing for long periods in the bow.