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Looking for a good book to read between trips? Need a guidebook to prepare for your next adventure? Chances are you'll find the resources you need below.

October 3, 2001

Looking for a good book to read between trips? Need a guidebook to prepare for your next adventure? Need some help improving that low backcast?

Chances are you’ll find the resources you need below.

The Bahamas Fly Fishing Guide By Stephen and Kim Vletas
As you read these chapters it will become obvious that Stephen and Kim Vletas have spent a lot more time exploring and fishing the Bahamas than they have practicing their writing. But you don’t buy guidebooks for their memorable prose; you buy them for information, and you won’t have any trouble extracting what you need from this one.


Bonefishing! By Randall Kaufmann
This book should have a warning label from the surgeon general: If you’re not already a bonefish addict, it’s guaranteed to make you one.

Cast From the Edge By Scott Sadil
The reader feels the same sense of dislocation; it’s hard to tell whose story is being told here. Is this fiction, autobiography or one disguised as the other?

Fly Fishing Saltwater Basics By C. Boyd Pfeiffer
Books just don’t get any more basic than this one; it’s the print equivalent of a collection of sound bites about saltwater fly fishing.


Masters of Fly Tying Video by Bob Popovics
Popovics explains each step of the tying process while the camera lingers closely on his nimble fingers. Different viewing angles help show each step clearly while Popovics describes what he’s doing in friendly, straightforward fashion. Along the way he offers helpful tips on tying techniques and new materials.

Saltwater Angler’s Guide to the Southeast By Bob Newman
Newman has divided North America’s Southeast Coast into a series of discrete areas, like images on a strip of film, and then tells what you need to know to fish each area.

Saltwater Flycasting: 10 Steps to Distance and Power Video by George V. Roberts Jr.
Roberts makes frequent and effective use of stop-action and slow motion to illustrate his points. He also demonstrates common casting faults and how to solve them and ends each lesson with a checklist of important points to remember.


Saltwater Fly Fishing Fundamentals By Peter Morse
Why would a budding North American fly fisher seek out an Australian text on the subject? The answer is that Peter Morse’s Saltwater Fly Fishing Fundamentals is one of the best introductory texts on saltwater fly fishing yet to come along.

Successful Fly Fishing Techniques with Tom White Two-Part Video by Tom White
Laid-back and slow-talking, White has a good bedside manner for a casting instructor. Unfortunately, his presentation is compromised by the quality of these productions, which show all the telltale signs of a low-budget operation.


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