Tying the Perfect Tog Rig

Instructions on building the perfect tog rig from "Crazy" Alberto Knie, with step-by-step knot-tying instructions

In the February 2013 issue of Salt Water Sportsman, we shared how to trick trophy tautog using "Crazy" Alberto Knie's perfect tog bottom rig. See how to tie it below, along with detailed instructions on how to tie the three connections involved.

Alberto's Blackfish Rig

Alberto's Blackfish RigFile Photo

Trophy togs in structure require heavy leader and breakaway weights. Tie 4 feet of 80-pound fluoro leader to the main line with an Albright or Alberto knot. Tie a 1-inch dropper loop a foot from the end (1), and snell the hook to the end 2. Construct a 5-inch piece of leader with a loop at each end and an overhand knot in the middle, to weaken it. Loop-the-loop this to the dropper loop and girth hitch the other end to a 5- to 12-ounce bank sinker (3).

Tying the Alberto Knot

Tying the Dropper Loop

Tying the Dropper LoopFile Photo

Snelling a Hook

Snelling a HookFile Photo