Rigs That Sting

Tired of tail nippers? Rig a stinger hook to foil short-strikers and increase your hookup rate.


|| |---| || |STUNG: Add a stinger to minimize short strikes. Photo: Bob McNally| When fish seem to be biting off the tails of your baits, it's time to add a stinger. These rigs work for trolling live baits and casting soft-plastics or lures. Here are three simple ways to rig stingers.
- Bob McNally

| |1. LIVE-BAIT TROLLING STINGER: The forward hook is barbed in the bait's head or nostrils. The stinger-hook wire or mono leader is attached to the forward hook eye. The leader should be long enough to position the stinger just forward of the bait's tail.| | ¿| |

| |2. JIG OR SPOON STINGER: With two small rigid plastic discs, such as those cut from a coffee can lid, secure a sturdy ring-eye hook over the lure's main hook. Rig them in opposite directions.| | ¿| |

| |3. SOFT-PLASTIC STINGERS: Position the lead hook at the head of the lure. Using a bait-rigging needle, run the stinger leader from the rear hook location to the forward hook and secure.|