Haywire Twist Instructions



Nick Curcione

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Haywire Twist
1. Bend the tag end of the wire against the standing part of forming a loop. If you don't have strong fingers, grasp the end of the loop with pliers. With the end portion of the loop firmly secured, begin criss-crossing the wire with the tag end. Twist both sections of wire simultaneously to form true ''X's.''

| |2. Make a minimum of 3 ''X's.''|

| |3. Bend the tag end of the wire at a right angle to the standing part and make 4-barrel wraps around the standing part.|

| |4. Do not cut the tag end of the wire because it will leave a sharp edge that can cause injury. Instead, bend the tag end to form a makeshift handle. Then bend this handle opposite the direction of the wraps and the wire should break off cleanly. If it didn't break on the first try, rotate the handle back and forth until the wire finally breaks.|