Good Use for a Golf Glove

A golf glove, a piece of suede and some stitches are all it takes to keep your didgits from getting line-burned.

Finally, a good use for golf gloves! Saltwater fly fishermen who scorch their palms while trying to stop big fish will appreciate this tip.

You'll need a new or used golf glove, a piece of suede leather cut roughly into a 4-inch-diameter circle and worked until soft, and a sewing machine with a heavy-duty needle.

While wearing the glove, position the leather on the palm of the glove. Trim the leather to best fit your hand and the glove.

Remove the glove from your hand. Using the sewing machine, stitch the outer perimeter of the leather to the palm of the glove. Stitch a series of crossing patterns across the middle of the leather patch to secure it down. Finally, cut off the glove fingers to the first knuckle or about 1 inch long.

Golf gloves are lightweight, supple and fit well. With the fingers cut off, they don't interfere with stripping line, reeling or knot tying, and the leather palm allows you to apply the pressure needed to stop a smoking reel.