Tying Instructions: Geno's Baby Angel

Step 1. Pull a long clump of pearl-green Angel Hair and tie down in the middle of the material toward the back portion of the hook. Allow material to hang approximately 3 to 5 inches past hook bend. The back portion of Angel Hair should be longer than the front portion. Fold front portion back and secure on top of back portion in a high-tie fashion.Step 2. Repeat the same step on the bottom back portion of the hook, just before the bend and directly under the top material. Work your way up the hook, repeating Step 1, alternating from the top of the hook to the bottom of the hook (flipping the hook over in the vise as necessary. As you move forward, use shorter lengths of materials and always tie in a high-tie fashion. The bottom material should be all pearl-green Angel Hair. The top should be a blended mixture of silver (first), then a darker contrasting color. Note that all materials to this point should be tied on the top and bottom of the hook shank only - none on the sides. Step 3. Once you've reached the front of the hook with the folded-over high ties, pull a very small clump of red Angel Hair (about a quater-inch long), cut evenly and tie in to imitate blood-trailing gills. Repeat on opposite site and tie off.Step 4. Once you have tied off your thread, trim the fly to shape. With long scissors, trim the fly under the belly and on top of the back to create a deep-profiled look and to make sure the hook doesn't foul. Attach silver, prismatic stick-on eyes and glue head.