Best 10 Mid-Priced Fly Reels for Saltwater

These affordable fly reels put the brakes on big fish without bankrupting your budget.

September 17, 2021
Collection of fly fishing reels
No need to break the bank to buy a quality saltwater fly reel. Courtesy Sage

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of the polished power that fly-fishers enjoy from a top-dollar reel, but trickle-down technology has made today’s middle-of-the-pack products feel pretty terrific, too. Want the biggest bang for your hard-earned bucks? Here’s a list of 10 fly reels in the $250 to $425 price range that are fully machined, sealed against saltwater, and powerful enough to rein in anything from a fleeing bonefish to a ticked-off tarpon.

Orvis Hydros V fly fishing reel
Orvis Hydros V – 4.25” diameter; 7.7 ounces; 225-yard capacity with 10-weight fly line and 20-pound backing; $279; Courtesy Orvis

Orvis Hydros

Built for 9- to 11-weight lines, the V, the largest size in the Hydros series, uses 16 carbon fiber and stainless-steel drag surfaces to deliver an impressive friction range: Drag begins with zero startup inertia yet cranks up enough power to wrangle a feisty tarpon. Even the Delrin reel handle is machined for tight, long-lasting tolerances that feel smooth and precise beyond the first year of use.

Sage Spectrum reel for fly fishing
Sage Spectrum 9/10 – 4.4” diameter; 7.6 ounces; 200-yard capacity with 10-weight fly line and 30-pound backing; $300; Courtesy Sage

Sage Spectrum

The Spectrum 9/10 (for 9- to 10-weight lines), the largest version of this series, delivers 10 pounds of maximum drag, thanks to a “floating tripod” design of the stacked discs: Three small carbon discs rest on a spring with a larger carbon disc sandwiching the stainless-steel rotor. The configuration feels buttery-smooth, due in part to premium carbon that Sage developed specifically for its drags. And by using ultra-precise, computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining, Sage achieves the tight tolerances required to go from zero to maximum drag with just one rotation of the dial.

Nautilus X-Series XL Max fly fishing reel
Nautilus X-Series XL Max – 4” diameter; 4.7 ounces; 150- to 200-yard capacity with 7- to 9-weight lines and 20-pound backing; $395; Courtesy Nautilus

Nautilus X-Series

The beefiest option in the X-Series lineup is the XL Max, sized for 8- to 9-weight lines, which pairs an ultralight frame with a Teflon and carbon disc drag that checks redfish, snook and juvenile tarpon. Heat-resistant seals defy contamination from both the braking system and from saltwater. And by swapping out metal bushings for thermoplastic TPX parts that are self-lubricating and corrosion-proof, X-Series reels maintain their smooth feel and operation over years of use.

Lamson Guru S 9+ fly fishing reel
Lamson Guru S 9+ – 4.1” diameter; 5.83 ounces; 220-yard capacity with 10-weight fly line and 30-pound backing; $340; Courtesy Lamson

Lamson Guru S

The Guru S 9+, the biggest model (for fly lines 9-weight and up), achieves much more than basic performance, thanks to innovations unique to Lamson. The company’s proprietary machine-sequencing process removes more material, using fewer steps—and without sacrificing strength—to create a surprisingly lightweight frame. Inside, the patented conical drag system employs a unique Teflon/PTFE alloy to deliver a maximum drag of 8 pounds. And it’s sealed with specially-compounded, hydrogenated nitrile O-rings that are self-lubricating, so they tolerate the squeeze without becoming sticky over time.

Redington Grande fly fishing reel
Redington Grande 9/10/11 – 4.5” diameter; 11 ounces; 275-yard capacity with 9-weight fly line and 30-pound backing; $350; Courtesy Redington

Redington Grande

The 9/10/11 size isn’t the largest Grande—two more models are even heftier—but this middleweight brings plenty of fight to face-offs with saltwater game, including junior tarpon. The V-shaped spool is narrower at the spindle but wider at the arbor’s edge, which Redington credits with reducing problems with line stacking. And the sealed disc drag uses carbon plates for heat-resistant stopping power.

Taylor Revolt fly reel
Taylor Revolt 10/12 – 4.72” diameter; 7.75 ounces; 219-yard capacity with 11-weight fly line and 20-pound backing; $359; Courtesy Taylor

Taylor Revolt

Need to stop a freight train? Get the biggest version of the Revolt. Sized for 10- to 12-weight lines, it delivers a maximum drag of 15 pounds. Although it’s not the lightest reel in this price bracket, it may be the most assertive. It’s also tough: The aerospace-grade 6061 T6 aluminum is cold-forged to boost the alloy’s strength, and the extra-large arbor reduces line coil.

Galvan Rush Light R10LT fly reel
Galvan Rush Light R10LT – 4.25” diameter; 8.8 ounces; 250-yard capacity with 10-weight fly line and 30-pound backing; $395; Courtesy Galvan

Galvan Rush Light

Bonefish hunters will prefer the R8LT, while tarpon-chasers may choose the R12LT—but for many saltwater fly-fishers, the 10-weight reel (R10LT) is the Goldilocks option for pursuing everything from cobia to permit and roosterfish. Using the same torque drag system as Galvan’s spendier reels, the Rush Light swaps out metal ball bearings for a highly-refined plastic bearing that’s virtually friction-free. The cost-savings comes from simpler machining, which preserves the reel’s durability without aspiring to racecar design lines.

L.L. Bean Apex fly fishing reel
L.L. Bean Apex – diameter N/A; 7.8 ounces; 180-yard capacity with 10-weight fly line and 30-pound backing; $230; Courtesy L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean Apex

The #4 size, for 9- to 10-weight lines, is heavier than some reels listed here, but it’ll halt any hard-charging tank you might hook: A massive carbon-fiber drag surface totaling 4 square inches makes the Apex a true show-stopper. The T6061 aluminum is machined, not die-cast, and L.L. Bean’s famously accommodating customer service policy stands behind the performance of this reel’s seals and mounts.

Temple Fork Outfitters BVK SD fly fishing reel
Temple Fork Outfitters BVK SD – 4.3” diameter; 6.0 ounces; 175-yard capacity with 10-weight fly line and 30-pound backing; $230; Courtesy Temple Fork Outfitters

Temple Fork Outfitters BVK SD

Now available with a sealed drag (SD), the BVK comes in a III+ size primed for 10-weight lines and epic battles. A combination of Delrin and stainless-steel seals up the drag discs so they require virtually no maintenance when used in salty, debris-laden conditions. And switching from right- to left-hand retrieve is shockingly easy, making this a standout choice for saltwater guides and families that share setups.

Cheeky Limitless 425 fly fishing reel
Cheeky Limitless 425 – $425; 4.25” diameter; 7.5 ounces; 200- to 250-yard capacity with 8- to 10-weight fly lines and 20-pound backing; Courtesy Cheeky

Cheeky Limitless 425

Built for line in the 7- to 10-weight range, this smooth operator uses a stacked, alternating drag system that imposes virtually no startup inertia, so it feels smooth when fish dart and turn, yet also clamps down on raging trophies. The arbor is sculpted using 6-axis machining (instead of basic three-axis systems) to trim metal where it adds weight, not strength. Thus the ultra-durable 425 is lighter than you’d expect, and endures big battles better than most thanks to a novel reel-foot design: Instead of using a screwed-on foot (which lacks lateral support and places strain onto the screw) or an integrated reel foot (which is weighty and complicates repair), the 425 slots the reel foot into the frame and screws it from the underside, transferring torque across the entire.


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