VIDEO: Giant Bluefins Off Prince Edward Island

Members of Salt Water Sportsman's fishing community battle giant bluefins topping 1,000 pounds.

Off Prince Edward Island, Canada, members of Salt Water Sportsman's fishing community targeted bluefin tuna in September. "My hope for this trip was to see an 800-pound-plus bluefin," said Mark Rayor (Member vseasport on the forum). Click here to view the entire forum thread and photos of their bluefin tuna adventure.

In the video below, Mark and crew hooked a number of fish over four days in the cold waters of Prince Edward Sound, sometimes just a couple miles from the harbor. Chunked fish such as herring enticed the bluefins to the stern.

"The excitement was unreal," said Rayor. "Watching the 200-pound-test zing off the reel with 60 pounds of drag was a sight. By the end of our trip, we had caught and released seven giant bluefins, three of which were over 1,000 pounds. It is an understatement to say this was a trip of a lifetime and exceeded all of our expectations."